Radical Association: Upcoming Elections

This is to announce that the RA’s election procedure is now starting.

This year we are pursuing a somewhat condensed electoral timetable, with the aim to vote on the week from the 5th March onwards. Candidacies may be filed by any RA member until that date with the support of at least two seconders, by email to office@radicalassociation.org. If you want to stand, second, or vote, but are not an RA member, Join the Association today for free.

The following eight positions are up for election:

The Chair is responsible for the overall direction of the Association, for chairing the executive committee, and for representing the Association at such public events or functions as may be necessary. They have a casting vote at executive meetings if the executive cannot come to a majority decision for any reason. As the face and strategic force behind the organisation, the chair is the most prominent committee role, working alongside the director at the heart of the RA

The Director is be responsible for the day to day running of the Association and ensuring that its executive members and volunteer groups continue to function effectively on an ongoing basis. The real workhorse of the organisation, the director’s job cuts across everything we do and helps keep everything coordinated and running.

The Treasurer is be responsible for the Association’s finances, and for presenting the accounts to the membership coterminous with each year’s election.

The Access & Diversity Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that the needs of disadvantaged and minority groups are properly represented and catered for and their voices fairly heard in the running of the Association.

The Executive Members (of which there are four) shall have collective responsibilities for all tasks not covered by an individual officer – these include but are not necessarily limited to coordinating policy working groups, maintaining membership lists and other administration for the Association, organising meetings and venues, and assisting with both public and internal communications.

Please direct all queries by email to office@radicalassociation.org.

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