Article 50: Radical Association Statement

Brexit will kill jobs, risk protections for the environment and working rights, tear away people's freedom to move, work, live and love across a whole continent, and put huge sectors of our economy and tax base at risk. We believed it was wrong last year, we believe it is wrong now, and we will not stop saying so.


The Conservatives have no path and no plan from here; articulating a radical liberal vision for Britain to put us back on our feet and rebuild our standing in the world has never been more important. This is true beyond international affairs as well - a looming Brexit only redoubles the need for bold liberal ideas to free people and give them more real choice of government, better opportunities to learn and retrain, and a stronger minimum standard of living to provide people with the security they need in uncertain times.


The letter has been sent, but the fight, and the conversation, are not over. Democracy continues, and the 48%, the vast numbers of EU27 citizens in the UK, and many leavers who did not vote for Theresa May's personal interpretation of Brexit still need to be fought for and spoken for. That is our right and our duty, and as the Radical Association we will continue to do so.