Conference Briefing: Autumn 2018

The Radical Association Executive have four voting recommendations for members who are seeking to promote radical policy at Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Brighton.

Saturday 15 September, 17.00-18.00

F11: Reforming our Party's Disciplinary Processes

Support Amendment One to implement a Callisto-style system

Our director, April Preston, is proposing this amendment which would allow for a tech-based anonymous reporting system for complaints within the Liberal Democrats.

Building a radical political movement has to mean building an inclusive one, and we think it’s vital that the party listens to the victims of abuse and provides them with the systems they need to get appropriate support and choose when to speak out. We urge everyone to support this amendment, which will be a significant improvement to our future disciplinary processes.

Sunday 16 September, 11.00-12.30

F16: Prosperity and Dignity in Migration

Vote to reference back

Working in solidarity with Lib Dem Immigrants, the Young Liberals, LGBT+ Lib Dems, and other groups, we’re calling for a reference back on the immigration motion, to allow FPC to make wider improvements than can be achieved via the amendments – all of which we support, but there’s more to do still.

In particular, real reform of the Border Force and Immigration Enforcement aren’t covered by this motion, ways to reduce migration detention aren’t properly explored, and avenues to work on our constitutional commitment to free movement are absent from the motion.

Were any of the amendments to fail, the motion would end up with a significantly harsher immigration policy than under Michael Howard. This paper was not ready for conference, and it’s important to send that message by referencing it back.

Monday 17 September, 15.15-16.35

F28: Good Jobs, Better Businesses, Stronger Communities

Support Amendment One!

Our own amendment to the businesses motion calls for the party to back phasing out the outdated shareholder-only model of business and move towards a social market economy, where cooperative, mutual and social businesses are the new normal.

Advocating a more liberal economy where business and the state are run on behalf of people across our society, rather than people’s lives and economic decisions being corralled to serve businesses and the state, will need to be a key Lib Dem priority in the coming years. This amendment gives us a stronger economic core to our liberal message, and we hope you’ll support it.

Tuesday 18 September, 11.30-12.30

F35: Demand Better

Demand Liberalism with Amendment One!

We’re calling for support for amendment one to the Demand Better strategy motion, which adds a powerful statement of socially liberal values and our commitment to civil liberties to a motion otherwise lacking one.

In particular we applaud the focus on rehabilitative justice and on ending unjust intrusions into people’s lives to ration the provision of vital services, something many people have suffered from in recent years.