Constitutional Amendments Submitted, 2019 committee election


Replace the preamble section with:

The Radical Association exists to support the aims and principles expressed in the preamble to the Liberal Democrat constitution, and, within the framework of the Liberal Democrat party, to campaign for a radical and distinctive expression of those principles in the policy and campaigning of the Liberal Democrats.

In particular, within this framework of liberal values, we affirm our support as Radicals for a society in which everyone is supported to allow them to achieve their goals, one in which people’s innate and chosen differences are cherished and not merely tolerated, and one in which the community and the individual by right have primacy over the state and the corporation. We recognise that diversity is a strength and not a weakness, and that overcoming historic and present oppressions on grounds of gender, race, sexuality, disability, class, and other such characteristics is a vital part of allowing everyone to realise the freedoms a liberal society can and must offer.

Trusting in people and not the state or employer to find the best paths for themselves through life, we stand for a world in which everyone is granted the human dignity of, and right to, a stable home and a decent income. We wish not merely to control but ultimately to abolish rentierism, to ensure basic necessities such as healthcare and education are provided at a high quality for all, and work towards a society in which disparities in wealth and social status no longer play a major part in dictating people’s opportunities.

As liberals, we are strengthened by our internationalism: we are not free until we are all free. As Radicals we look forward to a world in which borders no longer choke off human development and progress whether by restricting the pursuit of knowledge, commerce, or the freedom to work and travel. We stand for democracy for all, at all levels from the community to the state to the supranational institution, and we oppose authoritarianism and state censorship wherever they occur. We believe, ultimately, that structures of government must be beholden to all the people whose lives they affect, and must be fundamentally reformed to advance rather than hold back the cause of individual liberty and the redistribution of power across society.


At the end of clause 3.5, add:

“Members whose Liberal Democrat membership is suspended shall likewise have their rights as Radical Association members suspended.”

New clause 3.6:

“Each new executive shall appoint one independent adjudicator, by unanimous decision. The independent adjudicator may only be removed during their term by special resolution. Complaints as to the behaviour of members should be addressed to the independent adjudicator.”

New clause 3.7:

“The independent adjudicator may, once a complaint is made and in view of the facts as best they are able to determine them, revoke the membership of any Radical Association member who is considered to have brought the Association into disrepute or acted in a way that is deemed utterly incompatible with the objects and values of the Association. Note that committee members removed under this clause also thereby vacate their committee position.”

New clause 4.6:

“The committee may call a vote of No Confidence in any committee member via a simple majority vote. This will lead to a vote among the members, in which the members vote confidence or no confidence by simple majority. If they vote no confidence, the committee member is removed from office and a by-election should be held to fill the resulting position.”

In clause 5.2, delete “(single transferrable)”

In clause 5.4, replace “three” with “two”.

In clause 6.5, append: An emergency resolution, if deemed constitutional by the returning officer, may also be put to the membership if signed by 20% of the Association’s membership, or fifty members, whichever is smaller.