The Radical Association is an organisation of members fighting unapologetically for a radical, distinctive and pro-EU identity for the Liberal Democrats.

Who are we and what are we about?

The Radical Association is made up of ordinary Liberal Democrat members. Collectively, we believe that the future for the Liberal Democrats lies in promoting a distinctive, radical and liberal identity for the party which offers a clear vision for a better country.

We are proud of the radical heritage of the party and are working to build upon it to create a future for the Liberal Democrats as one of Britain's leading political parties.

We are working to strengthen grassroots radicalism within the party and to encourage members to get involved in building a serious alternative to both Labour and the Conservatives.

In order to achieve this we will organise and work together to put grassroots members and activists back in charge of the Liberal Democrats, to ensure that party policy presents a distinctive alternative to the status quo and to modernise the party to make it an effective mass political movement.

What are our core goals?

Although we are an organisation of like-minded members we don't expect our supporters to be unanimous on every issue. However we believe that we can all work together to achieve the following key goals:

Our goals:

  1. Fight for radical, progressive policies to help define a distinctive liberal identity for the party.
  2. Research and create a new wave of liberal policy ideas and policy making, doing the blue skies thinking needed to bring radical liberal principles into the 21st century.
  3. Modernise Liberal Democrat campaigning techniques and structures from top to bottom, including putting grassroots members in charge of the party and its strategic direction.
  4. Ensure the party stays committed to fighting for full EU membership and to speaking up for the 48% who voted Remain.
  5. Make it easier for grassroots members to become involved with their local parties – including by standing up to discrimination and providing tools and resources for members to start campaigning in their communities.

If you agree with these goals then please join us now.

You can find our constitution here, and our list of past member votes here.