Support for Lib Dem Campaigners

As part of the Radical Association’s goal of improving and modernising the way the party campaigns, we are launching, and will be launching, a number of initiatives to help support Liberal Democrat campaigning.

One of these is our facebook group where volunteers can help design and produce graphics and videos for use by the party centrally in order to relieve the pressure on HQ staff.

We also share links to useful resources for Lib Dem campaigners such as this handy guide to digital campaigning produced by Rob Blackie.

Additionally, we also offer a video creation service for Liberal Democrats where we can create videos like the ones below for local Lib Dem parties or campaigners – anyone interested should email us at


The videos are produced primarily using a service called which, although it allows anyone to create videos, requires a subscription in order to be able to produce videos without their watermark on them and to be able to download them.

Since we already have a subscription with them we’re happy to make it available to local parties. In exchange we’d ask people to consider making a small donation to the Radical Association in order to help cover the cost of our subscription – however this isn’t obligatory in any way if you want us to create a video for you provided you’re a Liberal Democrat.

We hope to be announcing more initiatives like this soon.