Video: Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is divided over Brexit

Leading Labour MPs are calling for the UK to leave the single market in order to end free movement with the EU. But doing so would mean devastating our economy and destroying thousands of jobs - inevitably hitting the poorest the hardest.

Liberal Democrats believe that both the single market and free movement are good for our country. Immigration isn't harmful - it's a positive force that makes the UK wealthier. And, despite what some might have you believe, it's the government, not immigrants who are responsible for low wages.

Leaving the single market and ending free movement would each be a disaster for the UK. If you think they're worth fighting to defend then join the only party that's united in its commitment to defending them.

Source for IFS claim: Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Sources for Labour MPs speaking on free movement: HuffingtonPost and New Statesman.

As part of the Radical Association's work to make the Liberal Democrats a more effective force in British politics we sometimes produce videos, like this one, to demonstrate the better types of campaigning we believe the party should be doing.