Federal Conference Briefing: Spring 2017

We can now launch the Radical Association's Spring Conference 2017 briefing. This briefing is publicly available to provide members and other Liberal Democrats with the RA's take on the motions being put before conference, in a helpful two-page summary. The briefing is primarily meant to give our assessments of motions, from which readers can then take our concerns and thoughts to the conference floor to give them a better grounding in the debates. We are however calling for a small number of specific votes: support for motion F4 (Sex work), support for F17 (associate EU citizenship), and Option A on F16 (phasing out religious selection for school places).

To get a fuller discussion of these votes, and our assessment of the other motions at conference, please download the full briefing document here:
We will be providing supplementary briefing documents and updates through the next few days and conference itself to provide comments on amendments to motions and on emergency motions as those come out.