General Election 2017: RA Statement

We look forward to campaigning alongside candidates up and down the country to fight for a more liberal, more equal Britain in the coming weeks. The scale of the challenge facing our party and the scale of the choice facing the electorate are monumental; we're ready to get to work and deliver as many Lib Dem MPs to parliament as possible, to fight for liberal values and against the insular, short-sighted Brexit vision endorsed by the Tories and waved through by Labour.

In particular, we look forward to campaigning on a progressive, radical, Lib Dem manifesto; we urge the party leadership and candidates to work and campaign hard on the popular radical liberal policies the party already holds, including abolishing the benefit sanctions system, opposing costly & intrusive mass surveillance, supporting third-sector business, moving to legalise and regulate marijuana use, and decriminalising sex work. Electing Lib Dem MPs is our best chance of building a strong support base for a more radical liberal future, and a distinctive liberal policy outlook will play an important role in that.

We'll be releasing more statements in the coming days about how the RA will campaign and what our priorities are during this campaigning season; we especially want to support Lib Dem candidates in campaigning for radical positions on key policy issues, and to help get clear liberal policy messages across to the electorate. It's time to take the fight to the government as the leading opposition to an insular Brexit Britain, and the RA is ready to play our part in that.

Our office is always open and ready to respond to queries and comments, whether from the party, press, or public, and our chair (James Baillie) and director (April Preston) are ready to field interviews and press queries. Please get in touch with, with @radicalassoc on twitter, or with