Autumn Conference: the Radical Policy Briefing

We're very pleased to be able to release our autumn conference briefing 2017. This briefing gives our thoughts on all the conference motions from a radical perspective; it is mostly not intended to be prescriptive, and mostly talks through the positives and negatives of different motions in a way that will hopefully be helpful to members when deciding how to vote.

This conference we are calling for members to vote to suspend standing orders and put a decisive motion regarding our Europe strategy on the conference floor. Whilst overall we would like to see a reduction in the number of motions that simply re-state aspects of our current Brexit strategy, we think it is important for conference to have a debate on the core of our strategy, something that was unfortunately lacking when the current strategy was adopted last year. You can read more about the process, the motion, and our reasoning on page 1 of the briefing document.

For any further queries about the briefing, please contact or get in touch with us via social media.