Radical Association calls for rethink on immigration policy paper

The Radical Association are urging members to call for a rethink of the immigration policy paper being presented at Autumn Conference.
Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, our Chair Luke Graham said:

"We’re at a point in rebuilding our party from some bad electoral losses where it’s crucial that we build a clear, separate identity as voices to empower the voiceless, and being proudly pro-immigration is a vital part of that. Passing F16 would undermine rather than support that."

We are asking party members attending Conference to vote for a reference back on motion F16 because – in part due to a flawed consultation process and insufficient postconsultation discussion with stakeholder groups such as Liberal Democrat Immigrants – the Working Group has produced a Paper with unwelcome rhetoric, policies which are not sufficiently radical and, particularly in advocating increased funding of the Border Force, will have illiberal consequences.

You can download the policy paper here, and read the Radical Association's full response and our case for a reference back here.

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