So much is at stake right now - we can't afford to waste time talking about a coffee cup tax

Last week the Lib Dems announced a policy which got (relatively speaking) a lot of media attention - a proposed 5p tax on coffee cups to discourage waste.

There are two big problems with this.

Firstly, although the policy isn't a bad idea in itself, it is not about an issue which many people would consider to be a major challenge facing the country and the proposed tax is such a bland idea that it says nothing about core Lib Dem values.

Why the Radical Association is needed

The Radical Association has been founded out a sense of frustration at the state of the Liberal Democrats and a genuine fear that the party will fail to miss a once in a generation opportunity to define a unique role in British politics. We exist to enable members to work together to reshape the Liberal Democrats to be the radical, distinctive, pro-European and liberal movement which we know it can be.

A unique opportunity being missed


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