Tackling the Housing Crisis

The UK’s housing system is stretched to breaking point. Years of inaction have left us with huge issues of land-banking, homelessness, unaffordable rents and unsafe properties. As an association of radical liberals, we see the housing crisis as one of the key issues of today, especially affecting the young and the most vulnerable in society who struggle to find and afford a roof over their heads. Few things make our fellow citizens less free than a lack of decent quality places to live. As such, we’re currently running a policy working group to examine possible new policy solutions in this area.

Our working group

Our working group on tackling the housing crisis will look into a range of possible radical liberal solutions that apply our values of liberty, equality and community to the problems of the housing sector. Areas addressed by this group will include how to increase housing supply, how to drive up housing standards both in new build and the private rented sector, and how to seriously tackle homelessness in the UK. If you’re interested in taking part in this working group or learning more, please contact us at office@radicalassociation.org.